Buyer Tips

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One of the most important parts of buying is choosing the Realtor® who will be able to best help you. With a thorough knowledge of both realty and the Northeast Alabama area, Deborah Burton Realty is an ideal choice.

Doing your homework is important, too. You'll want to find out the basics of financing and shopping for a home loan that will work for you. Once you have determined your optimal loan, getting pre-approved will help to speed the process once you find the home you desire. Finding your home can be streamlined by knowing what you want. Making a list of what you want to find - and what you don't want - can help you to be sure that the house you find is the one you want. Remember things like location, size, and condition. At this point, the less other debt you have, the better off you will be. It is best to keep your house payment to 28% of your monthly income, or less.

While you are shopping for a house, be available. Houses often sell quickly, so being available to look at a potential property or negotiate can only be in your favor. Having an agent you can contact when you need to is going to be a big advantage for you, as well.

When you begin negotiating with a seller, remember that your best change involves being sure to submit an offer that is competitive. A deposit of earnest money will hold the house for you. Your offer will be stronger if you have fewer contingencies. Be sure to have the property inspected by a trusted inspector. Be aware of zoning regulations and homeowner's associations' rules to be sure they will suit your lifestyle.

It's often a good idea to have the property surveyed, just to be certain of the boundaries. Also, be sure that what is included is specifically mentioned in the contract, including outbuildings, appliances, etc. If everything is in writing, there will be fewer problems later. This will reduce expense and stress.