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You want your home to sell quickly, and you want to choose an agent that will be efficient and helpful. That's where we come in!

Some other things to consider when you are selling your home include making sure the property is appealing, visually. The first impression is going to be a huge factor in determining whether a potential buyer takes a second look or not. Have the yard well maintained with the grass trimmed, hedges and gardens trimmed and weeded, clutter removed, and wash or paint outdoor surfaces. Check for leaks and repair what needs to be repaired. Clean carpets, oil doors, fix problem areas, and make the interior inviting, fresh, and clean.

When you show the house to your real estate professional, be willing to listen to suggestions. Realtors see many homes and are well versed in what is likely to be helpful and what might hinder a sale.

Remember to consider all the senses. Make sure the house smells good, looks pleasant, feels comfortable. A bright, well-lit interior will be more pleasant to most potential buyers. Put away personal items, whenever possible, to allow potential buers to imagine the house with their own items in it. For the same reason, it's wise to be away when your Realtor shows the home to interested parties. Try to keep your mind all business, even though you may have an emotional attachment to the property.